Bug erased all my saved pictures, help

I have a lot of inspiration photos copy/pasted onto the body of one of my folders. However, just a minute ago, after I added the latest picture, the photos had turned into an icon of a blank folder. I tried closing Scrivener and opening it, and all the pictures except for the last have disappeared! How do I access a previous save file to recover my lost media?

I can’t offer any help, other than to confirm I too have been bitten by that bug. I don’t store images in Scrivener any longer, or at least, I limit them to one or two per document. Observing that limit seems to prevent them from getting deleted or whatever happens, although they do tend to disappear on occasion only to reappear at some random time in the future.

You look in the folder where you are saving the backups created when you close the project (provided that you have that activated). Look in your settings under Tools → Options

Pictures are big and clunky. I recommend against putting them inside your text documents because they make those documents big and clunky. I make another folder inside the scrivener folder for pictures for any project that requires them. So, if there is a project1 folder, there could be a project1 images folder as well. Scrivener needs only keep track of the tiny links. You can edit the pictures or even change the picture entirely using whatever image editor you like and it will automatically change in scrivener. Of course, you need to backup those images yourself.

This will make your scrivener projects leaner cleaner and faster. Backups faster. Cloud syncs more reliable etc.

Inside scrivener it will look and act the same. When you compile to whatever you export to - epub, docx, pdf etc. it will look the same.

This is such a problem. When did it start happening for you, may I ask?

Pictures and media are so vital to the creative process, and I need to have in-line notes to go along with them. This means I can’t trust Scrivener as an all-purpose system. =/

Will the pictures show up inside Scrivener along with my notes?

I chose save all backups, but I’m not seeing the option to choose different versions?? I had to do this twice before and I was able to use one of many previous backups. But now I’m only seeing the latest version with the bug in it. Could you or someone please help me find a way to choose a specific backup version?

This is what I’m seeing.


You seem to be looking inside your project.

The backups are either folders or zip-files with .bak in the name. If they are zip-files, copy the one you want to somwhere else, rename it so you know it’s a copy, and then unzip it and open like any project.

No, I was looking in my backups as well. Here’s the same situation with .bak: imgur.com/LrEozXJ

I’m not sure where you are putting your pictures, but in articles and research etc. you cannot tell the difference between linked images and inserted images. for example, here’s a page from an article I’ll post next month with two images in the article. Both are links.