BUG: Export file name length issue

BUG: See Attachment
Version: Beta (1224521) 64-bit - 09 Mar 2021
Administrator Windows user account
Export to NAS. (Problem was duplicated exporting to desktop)

I believe this is a windows error and not an issue with Scrivener. However, because Scrivener can allow for export paths that trigger this limitation, I am hoping that there is some way the export process can isolate the files that could not be exported (much in the same way that a sync error highlights errors) so that the files whose paths names are creating this issue can be saved in a higher level folder.

Obviously the user fix is don’t create such long paths. However, I do not have complete control over file naming conventions (use Scrivener to manage case files for court matters) and therefore anticipate this problem occurring semi-regularly.

The error message isolates those files, in effect, and the export succeeded (according to the message). I don’t know what else Scrivener can do.

The problem may involve a deep hierarchy where the folders have long names as well. Apps tend to be agnostic about filenames and pass that problem to the OS, as it did in this case.

Not so much a Windows error, but an intrinsic and historic Windows limitation of a 260-character maximum file path. However, if you’re running Windows 10, Version 1607 or later, and you’re OK with modifying the Windows registry, you can remove that limitation with the following Microsoft-documented procedure: