Bug: Font display problems between different computers

Hi, I’m from china. Thank you for your excellent work on this software.

I have 3 PC:

A: Win7_x64 Ultimate

B: Win7_x64 Ultimate

C: Win10_x64_business_editions_version_1909

They all have been installed “Scrivener-2998-installer_x64”.

I created a new project and a new document with a font named “方正宋刻本秀楷简.TTF” on the Computer A, it was saved on my U disk.

It can be opened normally on Computer B, and the font displayed as same as the Computer A.

But when I open it on Computer C, the font has been changed.

Will it be resolved in the next version? (I will send the font “方正宋刻本秀楷简.TTF” by email)

Thank you!

Are you certain that you have the same font installed on ‘Computer C’? Without the font installed, the system will default to another available font.