[BUG] Formatting issue (start on a recto page ignored) when compiling to PDF

I have noticed this weird formatting issue when compiling my book (latest Scrivener Mac 3.1.3 11945 on Mojave 10.14.6):

When a section ends exactly at the end of the page, the requirement for the next section to start on a recto page is ignored and the new section starts on a verso page instead.
If you add a single blank line at the end of the “border” page, then a blank page is inserted, but it’s considered to have content so there are headers and footers on it, which is incorrect.
If you add a single padded line to the next section, a blank page is inserted (without headers and footers) as long as the new section isn’t exactly a page. If the next section is exactly a single page, then the blank page is not insterted and the new section starts on a verso page.
I’m sure that this situation doesn’t happen often, but it’s nevertheless what I experience here. I’ve resorted to add the blank line to get a blank page with header and footer and the next section starting on a recto page, but that’s not ideal.

Any chance to get this bug aknowledged/corrected? Thanks!

This is still happening for you with 3.1.4? I am not seeing it occur when compiling to PDF:


The score indicates the final line on the first two pages in view, showing the last page in this section is entirely filled. If I were to add one word, it would wrap to the next page in the lower left. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the parameters.

Hi Amber,

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it is still happening for me in 3.1.4 (12105).

If I compile with the “full” page, no blank page is added and the section that should start on a recto page starts on a verso page.

If I add a blank line, a blank page is added, but with header/footer, which isn’t desirable.

I don’t know if it matters, but it’s the last section before the back matter.

If you want to send me your test project, I can try to compile it and see if it produces the same effect…

Yeah that might help, there are probably other conditions or settings that impact what happens. I was using an extremely basic compile format I’ve created to test bare bones settings—you might have more complex settings enabled, like widow & orphan protection for example.

Yes, I do have widows and orphans protection selected and it is a 250 page book with a complex formatting as I publish the PDF created by Scrivener directly to KDP as a print book (thanks Scrivener!).