Bug: High DPI version - UI Text Scaling - some text too large

This seems to be new to the current version. It didn’t exist in previous betas. I’m using the 64-bit High DPI version. It’s a UI annoyance rather than a show stopper.

Some text in the UI is too large, and doesn’t appear to scale with other UI elements. This also applies to some of the text in the Options dialogue (see attached screenshots). If you change the height of the main toolbar or format toolbar, The text doesn’t change size and is truncated. The bug even affects the beta warning pop-up at launch!

This issue is consistent across all projects and themes in my current version. Using W10 with all updates. It appears to be related to my multi-monitor setup. If I launch Scrivener with a single monitor, scaling works as it should and the text is appropriate size. Similarly if displays are mirrored. However, if I launch it on either display with displays extended, the bug shows up.

Display settings:

Display #1 - Laptop screen
4k resolution
250% scaling
Secondary display

Display #2 - Desktop screen
1440p resolution
100% scaling
Primary display

At a guess, some of the scaling settings are being confused between the two displays, with some elements scaled and some not.