Bug in "Advanced filter" search forum feature (Android mobile)

There is a bug where I cannot view and select most of the suggested tags to search forum posts.

Only a short list is displayed in the first available screen. I was unable to scroll down to see all 3 pages (in portrait orientation). Landscape obscured the entire view with the keyboard.

I discovered this by accident when I realized new tags appeared on the bottom of the list as I selected more tags (each choice also required minimizing the keyboard to view the selection pane again. (Eek)

The following screenshot shows how many tags I chose and still hadn’t seen the end of the list.

This happens on the advanced filter screen btw. This is what it looks like when I click in the selection box.

And this is the landscape view.

@Vincent_Vincent thank you for moving this to General.

Add that to the bug list. I initially tried to choose the General category, but got an error popup that said something to the effect of 'can’t use “bug” in this category, choose another tag. Since i didn’t want to change the tag, I tried a few more categories until one went through.

That’s not a bug.
Not all tags are available at all times.

For example : some tags are only available once the “Support” tag has been selected.

The “Bug” tag is not available under the “General” category, as this category does not refer to either Scrivener nor Scapple, but to the forum itself. (A Discourse “app”.)

Ah… I was looking for a support category, not a support tag (when I initially tried to post this topic). Thanks for the clarification!

As far as the advanced search for forum posts- Being a newbie to the new forum; I was not having much luck with my search terms and terminology, so I was looking for a better way to find what was ‘out there.’

I did eventually discover I could enter terms manually, but I needed to know the secret sauce first (kind of like choosing emojis lol). I finally selected every tag and took screenshots of all three of the resulting pages- which I had been unable to scroll through previously. Now I have a list for future reference. :smiling_face:

Bottom line, the advanced filter in the L&L forum app still doesn’t work correctly, but I have a workaround. :smiling_face: