Bug in Binder when in full screen mode

This bug occurs with Scrivener 2.1 on MacOSX Lion. It causes loss of about 15% of screen space, and is only remedied by closing and reopening a Scrivener project.

  • Open a project in Scrivener
  • Make sure the Binder is showing
  • Go to Full screen using the diagonal arrows button on upper right of the project window
  • Click “Binder” in the toolbar to make the binder go away. Where the binder was is now empty gray space (this is the first indication something is going wrong; normally the space would be transferred to the editor window)
  • Click “Binder” again to make the binder reappear. It appears to the right of where it was. The gray space is still empty gray, and to my knowledge only closing the file will recover it.

This only happens in full screen mode, but going out of full screen mode does not solve the problem. The screen space used by the Binder is still lost.

Please let me know if you need more information.

Well, I now see that this goes away in the most recent Beta. I had thought (from a discussion on spell-checking behavior in another thread) that the production version and current beta were closer than they are. My mistake, sorry.

No problem (it’s always better for a bug to be reported that turns out to be fixed, than not to be reported at all), and I’m glad the beta does indeed fix it as it’s intended to. I’m hoping to push out the official update next week sometime.

Thanks and all the best,