Bug in Exporting

I was playing around with different mechanisms to get files into Scrivener and tested the export system.

First, I like that you can export to a folder of text files mimicing the Scrivener hieararchy. Just what I would want.

The problem is that the files are exported as UTF-16 (which may be intentional, I suppose).

When trying to reimport those files, it doesn’t work. If I convert the files to UTF-8, then importing works.

I confess to not being familiar with all the reasons for UTF-16, as I don’t use any thing other than plain old boring (primarily English) plain text.

Can exporting be set to export to UTF-8, rather than 16?

If not, can importing properly detect the formatting so that the files can be re-imported, without manually converting each file?

In either case, I plain on writing a perl script to break a MultiMarkdown file into such a folder hierarchy, so that it can be imported into Scrivener. (Ideally, this can be done within Scrivener itself at some point, but this is a good temporary solution.)



Thanks, Fletcher. Yes, everything used to import/export as Unicode, but then someone suggested I go with UTF8 as that is really the Mac standard instead. Looks like I changed it everywhere except in batch export (it was exporting to unicode, not UTF16). So, I’ve changed it for beta 3 so that it is UTF8 everywhere. Text encodings are a nightmare, to be honest, but UTF8 seems the most obvious fit-all.

Oh, and I would hold off on writing that perl script just yet, as I may well add “Import Markdown File” to the File menu and do this stuff within Scrivener.