Bug in Tutorial[ADDRESSED]

The tutorial has three documents in the Research folder, a PDF document, a still image, and a video file of some sort. The video does not play on my system, which may be a missing codec on my part. Anyway, that’s not the bug. When I select the video file, I get a blank screen with the name of the video on top. No problem.

Here’s the bug. I can view the PDF file fine. If I select the video after that, Scrivener crashes. Every time. I’m running XP SP3, kept up to date with Micro$oft’s periodic updates.

Steps to reproduce:
Open Tutorial in Scrivener
Select PDF file
Select movie file
Scrivener crashes

Firstly, it is an audio file with a media icon that looks like it’s a video - which is confusing I guess.

Have you installed Mirscrosoft’s direct X?

If you haven’t then the link is on this post: