Bug: Inspector still visible even when another program is full screen and has focus

Having the inspector modeless is great and allows me to quickly apply a style in Scapple while keeping the inspector open. The trouble comes from the fact that I switch back and forth between programs a lot and the Inspector dialog doesn’t stick with Scapple. If I open any other program for a while (to do research, compare notes, send an email, whatever) the inspector stays on top even though it has absolutely no use.

I only know a little about programming but perhaps it is set as a System Modal? I think this could be turned off and still have the dialog display on any Scapple workspace that is open. The way you have it set now, I can’t just keep it open. I have to keep closing it and reopening it.

One added thought. I think most of not all of the functions of the dialog could be placed in a toolbar instead (or two stacked toolbars). That way the information is always available and is tucked into a nice clean line along the top of the workspace. You could add a button to display more settings if you didn’t feel you could fit them all in. The dialog works OK but I have to keep moving it around to get out of my way and then there is that annoying fact it follows me in whatever program I am in.