Bug list

Is there a known bugs list for Scrivener for 1.0.3?

I wouldn’t want to look into forty-something pages of bug reports…


Is there something specific you are looking to confirm?

I’m not sure there is anything specific, but you can search this forum using 1.03 and the name of what’s going wrong to see if it has been posted already.

Ok. Thanks.

I still wish there were a bug list, or at least sticky topics at the top when bugs have been confirmed.

A new user like me has a hard time figuring out the correct search term. I wasted hours blaming myself for doing it the wrong way, re-reading the help file and tutorial, then searching the forum for generic terms like “tables”, which produces a lot of search results, only to find out, yes, indeed, there is a bug with tables.

Had I known this beforehand, it would have saved me a lot of time and frustration.