[BUG] Menus are still rendering incorrectly - this was pointed out in the last release

The text for menu options is indented the width of TWO (2) icons instead of just one. This is making the text for the longest menu option to overwrite the short cut keys. I think this first appeared in RC20.

How can I find out if this is even being captured as a bug?

Here is a screen shot:

What OS version are you using? The menus look fine on my Surface Pro 6 and my desktop PC, both running the latest windows build.

My Surface Pro 5 does the same on both the touch screen and external monitor. Wondering if it’s related to a Scrivener setting, I’ve attached my settings and theme files…

I also seem to see the “extra” indenting, but not the cutting off of the menu shortcuts.

I have no idea if this is related (and possibly a clue to what is going on), but I’m set up to use v1 shortcuts (so I don’t see a shortcut for Save and Rebuild Search Indexes, for example.)

Yes, this is a known problem with the Theme style sheets which is not easy to fix unfortunately. We tried fixing it few times, but the result caused bigger issues. We will give it another try when we have less pressing issues to fix.

I see what you mean, the poblem goes away if I change back to the default theme.

I reverted back to the Default theme from the Dark theme and the menu rendering is fine. I think I changed to the Dark theme around the time RC20 was released, which gave me the impression it was a “new” issue, not a “known” issue.