BUG: Mouse scroll click does not work (clicking down the scroll wheel button to bring up the fast scrolling arrows)

In chrome or edge or word or certain other apps, clicking down the scroll wheel brings up the “scroll click” circle that has arrows in it and if you move your mouse down it will scroll down through the document very quickly and vice versa when you move the mouse up. It does nothing in scrivener.

Does your screen look like this, more or less? If so, you can click and drag in the vertical progress bar on the right side of the text to scroll rapidly.

This was posted some time ago, I see. In many programs, not the least being Word, clicking the scroll wheel activates click-scrolling. This is not working in Scrivener, forcing me to either use the scroll bar on the side or a scroll wheel – which is awkward and slow. In very long documents, such as the novel I’m writing, it’s impeding my writing.

Is there any chance this could be fixed?

Not the same, not perfect, but you could perhaps use Shift+wheel for faster scrolling.

Vincent, thank you for the suggestion. In my case, though, it’s not nearly as helpful as scroll wheel click-scrolling for long-form writing.

IMHO, using click-scrolling is such a common feature in other writing software that it’s just surprising that it’s missing from Scrivener, especially since others have raised this issue years ago.

I wouldn’t classify this as a bug, though – just a missing feature.