[BUG ?] or Amount of Keywords Metadata is limited in a Scrivener project ?

Hello :slight_smile:

I have got a Problem using a lot of Keywords Metadata. :confused:

# Problem :confused:

  • I have created 262 Keywords (Metadata) in my projet. And now, each time i try to create a “NEW Keyword” (263th), this new Entry is added correctly to the list, but it’s using a Color already assigned to an “OLDER Label”.
  • So when i drag and drop this “NEW Keyword” on my text file (in the Inspector or the Binder), it’s an “OLDER Label” which is added instead of my “NEW Keyword”. [See attachment]
  • I have tryied to Edit manuelly the “NEW Keyword” color but without sucess. I can not find a color that is not already assigned to “another Label”.
  • I can’t find any information about tnat case in the Manual or in the Forum.

# Questions : Limitation or Bug :question:
What is the Amount of Keywords Metadata supported in a Scrivener project ?
Is there any limitations to create Keywords due to a limited number of colors ?
Is it a bug ?
Any workaround ?…


That definitely sounds like a bug. There is no limit to the number of keywords you can assign. Internally, each keyword has a unique number assigned that is used to identify it, and it is the number that is recorded everywhere. So the keywords area of the inspector knows the internal keyword number and displays the keyword associated with that number. So to me, it looks as though, somehow, this new keyword has been assigned the same internal number as an older keyword. Obviously, that should never happen.

You say that this now happens any time you go to create a new keyword? If so, could you please zip up the project and send it to us at mac.support AT literatureandlatte.com marking your email for my attention? If I can reproduce the problem in the project, I should be able to fix the bug in Scrivener and also, hopefully, fix the project.


Yes indeed, it’s happening each time i try to create a new keyword. I am going to zip and to send you the project today :slight_smile:

The email has been sent.


Great, thanks Emmanuel. I have fixed the trigger in Scrivener and replied to your email with instructions on how to fix up your project to get rid of the issue.

I’ve also asked if you have edited the project in an external app, because the trigger is a keyword - “Trésors” - which has a negative internal ID, which isn’t something that should be possible in Scrivener.

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Hi Keith.

Excellent ! Thank you very much. I can’t try the fix right now, but i am going to follow your guidelines tomorrow. :smiley:

About the external app, I have got three tracks :

#1 As External App, i use to invoke Antidote 9 (Corrector and Synonym) in Scrivener text and apply correction from Antidote in Scrivener.

I do not know how it happened, but i had a “flashback” about a recent Scrivener crash with an External App on the Keywords panel (I had forgetten it).

I just reproduce this crash even if i do not know if it’s a good hint or a different problem.

I invoked Antidote 9 (for a synonym) in the Scrivener Keywords panel, editing the word “Trésors”, and Scrivener crashed immediately.
I reproduced the crash on another project (not “corrupted” by a negative keyword) and it also crashed.
In fact, it crashs on any keyword and project when I try to invoke Antidote.

#2 Otherwise, as External App i use to Copy/Paste many references or texts from : iA Writer, Chrome, Evernote, Scrapple, XMind.

#3 Recently, i bookmarked some web page on “Document bookmark”, doing a “Load Web Page”, then “Copy” some words or texts and “Paste” it in my document file. But i can’t remember if i did it to create those Keywords.

Given that unique numbers are assigned, if one project is merged with another are the numbers re-assigned, or will they overwrite?

Thank you very much Keith, With your instructions, my project is now fixed :mrgreen:

Best :slight_smile:

Great, glad the project is working now! None of those external apps would have caused the issue - those don’t edit the underlying data of the Scrivener project as far as I know. We also have another user with a similar problem in our support queue (although I haven’t yet verified if it’s also down to a negative keyword ID), so there still may be some weird bug in Scrivener that is assigning a negative ID. At least the fix in 3.0.2 will ensure that doesn’t send things haywire, but I would like to find out the ultimate cause.

JCarman: By “merge”, I assume you meaning importing one project into another? Whenever you do that, or drag keywords between projects, the imported keywords are assigned new IDs and the documents associated with them updated to match the updated IDs. So this is never a problem.

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Thanks. That is indeed what I meant.

I have exactly the same issue and would like to know how to proceed
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Any help please ?