Bug or Feature on auto-saves?

Under options/general/saving I’ve set autosave to 300 seconds.
however if I make a change then close the project and re-open, the change I made has been saved.

Is scrivener doing a ‘save-on-close’ operation, or is it ignoring my manually-set auto-save period?

Personally I’d prefer not to have a ‘save-on-close’ feature, then if I make a huge mistake I can abandon it by simply closing my document without saving, feeling confident that at least all my work upto the last auto-save has been secured.

yes, I know about snapshots and backups, but snapshots depend on the idea that I’m in a planned edit phase, and restoring a backup incurs the loss of my whole session.

eg: You decide you want to insert a few paras in the middle of a chapter you’ve just typed in the current session, but you don’t notice that you’re in in ‘Overwrite’ mode instead of ‘Insert’ mode. Okay, you can use UNDO, but it’s a LOT of undo’s to do… one for each character you typed while in Overwrite.

Or am I just being ‘picky’?

We can’t have everything, it would make the program 100 times more complex. You already made the suggestion of backups and snapshots. That is what they are for.

However, I personally had a problem the other day when titles and info were cleared in Corkboard mode because I pressed two keys that went to the next card and cleared them. There was no undo in Corkboard mode. This is the feature we should be asking for - undo in every mode.