Bug or tutorial error? (Scrivener 3)

Hi guys

Just bought and installed my upgrade this morning - yay! However…

I’m going through the “What’s New in Scrivener 3” tutorial sections, and I think I’ve found an error in the “Section Types” document. I followed the instructions for renaming and adding section types, then I got to this paragraph:

No, it’s not. I checked that I have “Structure-based” still ticked, and tried reordering the types, but the dropdown in Inspector stays resolutely at “Section” in grey italics. I’m not sure if this is a bug in the program or an error in the tutorial (or maybe I missed a step?), but I thought I’d let you know.

Oops, looks like a last-minute change I made to section types in the tutorial has rendered that section a little… wrong. Can you please try downloading this version of the tutorial:

literatureandlatte.com/user_ … pdated.zip

Follow the “Section Types” document in that. It should now make more sense (I’ll update 3.0 on the site with this new tutorial).


I’ve not compared the .scriv files. Does this include the entire tutorial with the emended “Section Types” document?

After you update on the site, will reinstalling “over the top” overwrite the old tutorial?

Yes, that’s the entire tutorial just with the updated Tutorial. I’ve already updated the DMG on the site, actually. When you first choose the tutorial from the Help menu, it asks where to save it. If you want to create a fresh tutorial in Scrivener, you have to delete the tutorial you saved before selecting it from the Help menu again, otherwise it just opens the tutorial you saved.

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Thank you and congrats.
I’ll grab the new DMG.

Thanks, Keith, I’ll check it out!

I have experienced the same issue in this section:

I downloaded the upgraded tutorial, but it hasn’t changed. Perhaps I’m doing something incorrectly. Help, please!

When you downloaded the tutorial, did you then open it in Scrivener? If you just go to Help > Interactive Tutorial, that will still open the old tutorial.
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