Bug? Project Names no longer showing up in toolbar..

Hello there,
I searched for this in the forums (perhaps with the wrong words, so I apologize if this information is redundant) --> since I’ve been using the Beta versions for Windows Scrivener, my toolbar has no longer showed the names of any of my projects, instead showing the file directory…

I have included an image below:

Is this a bug?


There’s an option under the Appearance tab to have the full project path shown in the title bar. Do you have that box ticked?

Hey Kalidasa,
I’m not sure I follow… That sounds like what might be the problem, but where is the appearance tab? That’s not a ribbon I’m familiar with… Here’s screenshots of what I’m seeing. The full path is both in the top of my Scrivener program as well as in my toolbar on my computer…

Here’s on top…

Here’s in the toolbar, bottom of screen…


There be all kinds of majick there.

Thank you, Legend! Found it and fixed!