[Bug] RC12 version crashes when trying to open my "Notes" folder

I have a folder “Notes” at the same level in the Binder as “Characters” and other non-compiled folders. When trying to access it, Scrivener crashes. It does not crash when accessing Characters, Places, Front Matter, Research, etc.

Since this is where I keep things like my critique group’s notes, it important. I ended up installing the LoDPI version as a last ditch effort. This worked, I am able to access that folder in the same Project without issue.

This did not happen in RC 11 HiDPI.

Thanks andrewbond, your problem is most likely caused by a file inside your "Notes’ folder.

You could run Scrivener using “ScrivenerLog.bat”(inside the Scrivener installation folder) and inside the log output window the last lines you are about see before the crash should point to the document file causing the crash.

If possible, please forward a copy of your project containing only the “Notes” folder to tiho at literatureandlatte dot com. This is the best way to ensure that I can reproduce the crash and fix it. Thanks!

As per my email, I’m not sure how much my log files will do because of my environment. However, I did a bit more troubleshooting on my end. The LoDPI version would also crash, it just took longer. The same happened with both versions of 64-bit of RC13.

I found the .rtf of an offending file, which was 102 KB of text (notes from my critique group). It then crashed on another two files in my “Research” folder. That turned out to be two .rtf files of formated text (no photos, just some formatting and multiple fonts) that were also large, each 700 KB to 1.5 MB.