Bug report: "Import styles... > Replace Existing Styles"

When I import paragraph styles with the same names from one Scrivener 3 project to another, and choose the option “Replace Existing Styles”, paragraph styles whose Save settings differ instead create numbered duplicate styles.

What I expect to happen: If the list of paragraph style names is identical, I expect styles that differ to update their settings to match the source project.

What actually happens: If different options are selected in a style’s Redefine Style drop-down’s Formatting section (one project’s version has “Save Paragraph Style” selected; the other “Save All Formatting”), Scrivener generates a numbered duplicate in the destination project. Instead of updating StyleName, a new format StyleName (1) is added to the destination’s paragraph styles; it uses the source project’s settings. The destination project’s StyleName remains unchanged.

Steps to duplicate the problem:

  1. Duplicate a project.
  2. In either project, update a paragraph style so that in the “Redefine Style” dropdown’s Formatting section, you change the selection from “Save Paragraph Style” to “Save All Formatting” or vice versa. Save changes.
  3. In either project’s Styles menu, click the gear icon, select Import Styles, and select the other project.
  4. The resulting “Update with imported styles or keep existing styles?” pane will list the paragraph style you just altered. Click “Replace Existing Styles”.

If at step 4 I instead note the listed paragraph style(s), Cancel, update those style(s)’ Save settings in either project so they match, and THEN import, the style(s) import normally (no duplicates).

Bug found in Scrivener 3 version 3.3.6 running in macOS 10.13 High Sierra.