Bug Report- right-click unselects selection in binder/synopsis headings

First, I did find a workaround (win11, v3.1.5)

  1. I accidently pasted a paragraph into the title of a new binder item (add new text doc).
  2. When I realized where the text “disappeared” to, I clicked onto the title of the binder item to cut the text.
  3. I selected that paragraph (the document title) by highlighting it as you would do to rename it, but when I right-clicked to copy, the highlight disappeared, and paste only pasted the last pasted item, not the text I had selected.
  4. I then tried the same thing in the synopsis title.
  5. I tried to do the same on the corkboard/index card, but I couldn’t even select the text there. (Because there was no subdoc therefore no index card)
  6. I saved, closed and restarted Scrivener. No changes.

Workaround- select the text/title but do NOT right-click. Use the copy/paste keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-c and Ctrl-v)

fwiw I didn’t try Cut/ctrl-x to be on the safe side.

I may have misunderstood something, but why did you not paste a second time into the editor (as intended)? The copy would still have been in memory. And then renamed the title to what it was before.
I’d assume a title would be limited to x amount of (say 256) characters.

I didn’t notice it right away. By the time I noticed that the editor was empty, I had copy/pasted several more documents. It was only when I returned to the doc to edit it that I realized it was empty.

By the time I noticed it, the text only existed in the binder title. I was unable to copy it it using the mouse. That is: (double-click) to select the text in the binder title (or synopsis title) > right click. As soon as I clicked right, the text unselected itself. None of the mouse commands worked.

I thought it may have been an update/whatever so that’s when I closed and reopened everything. The mouse commands still wouldn’t work in the binder/synopsis titles, that’s when I used the keyboard commands.

edit: fwiw, the mouse commands seem to work fine everywhere else.

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A Windows 11 tip–not sure about Windows 10: Win+V gives you a pop-up that shows recent copies (Ctrl+C) and cuts (Ctrl+X). You can select (click on) any of them to paste to a destination without using Ctrl+V.

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:heart: THANKS! I hadn’t come across that shortcut yet! That will certainly come in handy for lots of groovy stuff.

I still wonder if the mouse command thing is a glitch/bug or known issue though?