Bug report: Session Targets Not Updating

Since the most recent beta released, session targets are no longer updating for me. Instead, they just say I’ve written the number of words in the entire document.

For example, my goal is 10k per session. It currently says I’ve written 64,048 words out of 10k for this one session. 64k is what I’ve written in the entire file. It was set to reset at 3:00 AM every day before the new beta so I tried switching it to reset on open/close and that didn’t work either. It’s still saying I’ve written 64,000 words this session.

The project targets seem to be working fine, it’s just the session targets.

I’m running the 64bit on a windows 10 HP laptop.

Most likely you experience the same bug as described in this thread: literatureandlatte.com/foru … 86a21ea5e0

Sure enough, that seems to be what I’m experiencing. Sorry for the duplicate! I did a search and didn’t see that one.

No worries, IvyNelson. Sometimes it is hard to find even a topic that you know it was there. Please, keep testing and provide us with your feedback.