Bug: S3 Printing Issue

Hi, the current edition of the Beta does not seem to print scene files for me.

I have a Windows 10 20H2 / fully patched to current. Machine prints other documents (from other programs fine).
Printer is LJHP277 Duplexing Color Laser Jet (using stock HP drivers that are in Windows, as far as I can tell).

When I print the document, I get a 0 byte spool file and a 0 byte shadow file in the spooler directory. Here is a screenshot (and I double checked the file size to make sure that Windows was not rounding a 1 byte file to 0 or something like that).

Looks like the forum software will not allow me to attach a zero byte file even if renamed.

I am able to print this same scene document fine from my Mac…

Also, printing to Windows PDF driver ignores color from revision mode. It only seems to output black and white text. I cannot seem to see where this would be controlled, and print to PDF



How did you attempt to print scenes? Did you highlight them (all of them) in the Binder and use File->Print?

Or did you, perhaps, select the container (chapter folder only) instead?

If the former, that should work.

If the latter (and the folder has no text within it) the print range is empty and the error you get is to be expected.

Sorry for the late reply. I usually print individual scenes. So, with the binder on the scene I am editing, I will File > Print the document that I am on.

Just updated to .19, and the same issue appears there. I thought I’d double check - it was not in the release notes)

Just upgraded to .20 on both my Windows machines. The bug is still present, and I can reproduce it on both Windows machines. My Mac prints the scene just fine.