[BUG] Scrivener, linux, file structure & dropbox

Scrivener seems to use a file structure that depends in part on folders which end in backslashes. For instances, within the .scriv folder created for a project there is the folder “NovelwithParts.scriv” as well as the folder “NovelwithParts.scriv”. Perhaps this is a carry-over from the Windows world. While such file-naming is unconvential enough on its own merits, Dropbox chokes on such file names and refuses to sync them.

Realizing that the project is still in beta for Linux, my question is two-fold:

  1. How central are these folders/files ending with backslashes. That is, if I lose a project and have to go to Dropbox to recover, will the missing files and folders prevent me from recovering the project.

& 2) Is this something that is known and will be fixed? I would very much like to give Scrivener a go - especially so as the iPad version is in the works. (The iPad is my go-to writing instrument.) But I can’t afford to lose work as a result of this file-naming convention.

Thanks for your attention,


That’s strange. I use Dropbox to sync Scrivener projects between Linux (Mint) and Windows (7 and XP) all the time and have never had this problem – my project folders only contain normal folder names.