[bug] templates have reverted back to old versions

I’m using Scrivener v. for Windows. Yesterday I noticed that some of my character and setting sketches have reverted back to the apperance/layout they had in v. 1.9
Others still have the newer sketch templates. I’m wondering if anyone else has noticed this or knows of a way to fix this,

Have you selected Save as… and consequently opened an earlier version of your Project?

Have you changed your Windows account name, so the Application Folder has changed location?

Maybe they have always been that way and you just now noticed? It’s worth noting there is nothing special at all about these templates—they are just text in the binder like any other text. You type in stuff, format it a bit, and it stays that way forever.

Thus, if these are from projects that were originally created in the older version of the software and updated, then they won’t magically get new character sheets any more than any other text file wouldn’t spontaneously change.

It’s an easy fix at any rate: just open up both projects side by side and drag the new sketch files over into the Templates folder of the older project, and trash the old ones.

Thanks, Amber. The entire reason I made the post is that they haven’t always been that way-- when I upgraded to V3 from 1.9 [when v. 3 was released] all of my projects were updated as well and it did automatically change the format of the character sheets. Now, with no reason, certain projects have changed back, which is also why I have this marked as a bug.

They were fine when I saved them 2 days ago, and now this.

I haven’t changed my Windows account name and I don’t have any older versions of the projects saved. I should also note that this happened overnight with no prompting from me to change it .

There is truly no way for what you are describing to happen, but frankly I think precisely what happened is probably academic, and it’s better to just update the character sheets using the given fix above.

Meanwhile I would check your project thoroughly and make sure content hasn’t reverted elsewhere. If you are using versioning tools, synchronisation, or anything else that might cause data to revert either intentionally or as a malfunction or procedural mistake, that’s something to look into. It’s really the only thing I can think of off of the top of my head that would cause a content reversion like that (other than the simpler, aforementioned Save As mistake).