Bug? Unable to fully change active document in split editor mode

In beta 845700 / version (and the past 3 versions or so) I’ve been unable to fully utilize split editor mode. Switching active editor by clicking into either side works for typing, but the grey bar indicating the active editor stays locked on the left side editor, no matter what I do. When I try to change documents from the binder by clicking the editor I want to change and then selecting a document, it always changes the left side document, no matter which one is active. It is possible to change the document in the right side editor by using the arrows or the other settings in the program.

I’ve checked to make sure the editors aren’t locked, and I’ve tried changing through all the layouts available, and it seems to make no difference. Problem persisted over multiple versions, and can be recreated on different scrivener projects. It also persisted through a reinstall.

I realize this is possibly just an ID-10-T error but I’ve been told to report it by some friends anyway.

Same behavior for me, Has been like this for a couple of versions. Used to work earlier.

Did you check the Navigate > Binder Selection Affects options?
If this does not help, providing screenshots with explanations will help a lot.

Hi tiho,

This thread reminded me of some strangeness I’ve been seeing with each new rev of the beta, where I experienced a similar thing as these posters.

My split editors are always set to Binder Selection Affects = Current.

With each new rev of the beta, I save options to a preferences file, uninstall the old beta, and install the new one. Then I load my options from the saved preferences file.

Despite this procedure, after I’m done my preferences are being reset to Binder Selection Affects = Left.

I just tested this again, by saving options while Binder Selection Affects = Current, then changing the preferences to Binder Selection Affects = Left (I also tried Right, makes no difference), then reloading my options from the saved preferences file.

After reloading the options file, I would expect a reset to Binder Selection Affects = Current, but that doesn’t happen. Whatever the Binder Selection Affects setting was prior to the reload is the same after the reload.

So I believe that the Binder Selection Affects setting is either not being saved correctly to the options file, or it’s not being applied correctly during the Load.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Hey Jim,
I use the same procedure as you - my Binder Selection Affects having been saved to my options file way back in the early betas - and have not had any problems with it loading and setting any of the options since. I opened up one of the saved .prefs file in Notepad++ (they are simple text files) but was unable to find a line that matched the Navigate->Binder Selection Affects (it may be there with a different label).

Hi Jim,

The Binder Affects state is not part of the Options, and because of this it is neither stored, nor restored with the pref files. Its state is stored into something that we call project settings and reflect the last user selected state per project. They cannot be saved to file and restored via the GUI. The Window Layouts is something that stores these settings. If you store and restore a Window Layout the Binder Affects state might get changed based on the saved value.

If you guys find a reproducible case which flips the Binder Affects state unexpectedly, please let me know.

Tiho, thanks for the reply. That’s helpful to know.

What is the default state please for the Binder Affects option on a “clean” beta install? In other words, when I uninstall the old beta and install the new one, what will Binder Affects be set to?


Hi Jestar, Based on Tiho’s reply, not finding it in the .prefs file makes sense. I guess it’s turns out we weren’t saving Binder Selection Affects after all!!! :mrgreen:


The default state of Binder Affects upon new installation is Current Editor.

Yep. And Tiho replied that it defaults to “Current Editor” for a new install. Might be why I have not seen a change for so long. I thought it was being saved with the preferences, coulda sworn that it had a different default (“Other Editor”) which is why I made the change way back when, but I’ve slept since then. :slight_smile:

Thanks, Tiho. I’ll be on the watch for any changes to this state.

Every DEFAULT setting should be OBVIOUS.

A reasonable man would expect, the editor with focus commands the binder.

How is that not reasonable?

And, is the currently default setting some kind of mac thing? We want to know.:wink:

The problem with the “reasonable man” standard is that very few people admit they’re not being reasonable.

No, the Binder commands the editor, not the other way around.