BUG: Unidentified text in new non-fiction projects

When opening a new project (with an existing project open) -> non-fiction -> apa/chicago/MLA document a number of the pages have text in them that doesn’t look like should be there such as:


Examples of this can be found on the:

MLA project - ‘Title’ and ‘Endnotes’ pages
APA project - ‘Title Page’, ‘Title’ and ‘Footnotes’ pages
Chicago project - ‘Title Page’ ‘Notes’ and ‘First Page Header’ pages.

Still present in 1.7.

This is a hangover from the mac version. The text you are referring to are place holders or tags that get updated in a project. Work similar to a field in a word doc I think.

I guessed so - it just looks pretty grotty :slight_smile:

(The link in your signature doesn’t seem to work?)

Just delete the tags and put in the information you desire.

I am aware my sig link isn’t working at the moment. Waiting for the bug list to get updated. :wink:

I know how to use delete - I simply though I’d point it out as it’s ugly as hell, looks unprofessional and seems to crop up in lots of the templates.