BUG: Uninstall does not remove dictionaries added using Scrivener, and doesn't warn the user.

Uninstall does not removed added dictionaries, and it does not warn the user about files not removed.

Beta 19 installation in C:/Program Files/Scrivener3b19. Upgraded the installation to beta 20. Used Scrivener to download and install a dictionary. Uninstall did not remove this. I think either it should remove all dictionaries or none, and if it doesn’t remove something, the user should be warned that something wasn’t removed.


Wouldn’t you want continuity of your dictionaries across upgrades?

I would… but you see, it removed the dictionary that was currently in use, and not the one that wasn’t in use.

Ah. That’s…un-handy…

Would think the combination of install/enclosed de-install should:

  • Not remove any dictionaries, on principle
  • replace upgraded dictionaries if they are
  • strictly leave alone any personal word lists

That leaves the case of backing out an install where there have been then-incompatible upgrades. My feeling is that doesn’t noticeably occur with Scrivener, but if it does, either backups or delete program folder after de-install followed by old install would be likely friends, imagine you’d agree