BUG: visual text display bug in style-highlighted text

When I create a custom style, and I enable highlighting so I can see what text is styled so, there’s an interesting visual bug associated with the text so styled, depending on its content and whether it’s selected or not.
The text is “Custom:POV>”. This is a test to see about the “V>” visual bug.

Font in use is Noto Serif 24 Bold Italic.

I noticed this first with metadata tags, but the issue isn’t with those. It’s with text that’s been highlighted using the “draw highlight box around text” option.

If text is selected, no issues –
If not selected, there’s an overriding space of some sort in the highlighted text, between the V and the >.
As far as I know, this does not show in compiled output. It does not happen to text that is NOT highlighted by a style (2nd line, 2nd image).

That space between “V” and “>” is the exact size of my block insertion point cursor, which is 3 pixels wide, but that’s not where my cursor is (you can see it after the “>” in thie highlighted line in the second image).