[BUG] WIndows Beta Cannot type in editor


I hope this is the correct place to report a bug.

I’m using Scrivener Windows Beta version Beta (779281) 64- bit.

I created a new project and added a new text document. I tried to type and nothing happened. It won’t let me right-click either. There’s no cursor or anything, just blank white.

What should I do?

Thanks for your help.

Correct place, yes.

That sounds strange. I’m not sure anyone else has reported that issue. However, I would uninstall Scrivener Beta, delete the folder it was in (Program Files/Scrivener is the default), and reinstall.

When using Scrivener, please turn OFF any app that’s synchronizing your working directory with the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive, et cetera). Those can cause a similar (but not identical) behavior.

Also, if your computer is really old, slow response is possible.

Do NOT install it in the directory 1.9 is in. That makes bad things happen (and it’s unlikely, but it can happen; happened to me during one of the first Betas). I suggest naming the install directory something like ScrivenerB32 or the like, so there’s no possibility of installing one over the other.

Beyond those, not enough information to really suggest anything but uninstall completely and reinstall.

Thanks for the advice. I think I’m going to go back to the stable version 1 and just wait until Scrivener 3 comes out officially.

I appreciate the quick response.

Try changing the text color and darkmode if you have that set. If your background is white and the text is the same color, you would never see any text.