Bug with diacritics/other grammar marks replaced with question marks in windows

Within the last week or so, I have noticed an issue with spellcheck where, when I type a word with a diacritic and go to spellcheck to make it correct (far faster than going to the writing tools bar every time), instead of the word being correct, however, the diacritic is replaced with a question mark.
For example one of the characters in my book, Lússu
That is the correct spelling, normally I would just type ‘Lussu’ and right click, spell check, correct spelling. But now instead of Lússu being an option it only appears as Lu?ssu, and Lússu’s appears as Lu?ssu?s, so I know it’s not just diacritics, and it’s not just this name either, it’s every place diacritics or apostrophes show up in spellcheck.
I should note that I did update to (latest update), but that does not fix this issue

Did you at some point run the 3.1.4 beta ?
It was for a time causing this kind of issues.
It is fixed now, but I don’t know if the fix is/was actually retroactive.
Meaning that, perhaps, once the old bug messed up the personal words list, it doesn’t revert back, and the "?"s remain in it.
(I can’t tell because I ended up simply trashing mine (my personal words list), and started anew.)

Oh I didn’t see it in the update log, it didn’t fix retroactively but I also when I copy/paste the right name with the right spelling in, it doesn’t call it an error either so I can’t click learn spelling on that either
How do I refix that?

As I edited in my post above, in my case I simply trashed my personal words list and started anew.
There might be a better solution, though.
You might want to wait and hear from someone who actually knows. Someone from LL.

In any case, the file is here :



The .ini one is the faulty one.
The .txt one should be fine – at least for whatever words you would have added post update. (You can double-click it and confirm. – You may even fix it directly if you only have a few words to fix…)

Deleting either of them should have Scrivener spawn a fresh new (empty) one. (The .ini one is the problem.
And perhaps deleting it would be that and just that – again, this I don’t know. Perhaps Scrivener no longer needs it at all.
You may copy it elsewhere first, in case, so you can later restore it if need be. (You can even just clone it where it already is, renaming the copy wordlistsxx → xx))

[EDIT] This made me realize that I did not actually completely trash my old wordlist. I kept a renamed version of it and then forgot about it. I will post a screenshot of what a faulty word list looks like in a few minutes, once my computer is done loading this 346 mb monster.
[EDIT2] Forget it, it ain’t happening. lol. Anyways, mine was so messed up from a constant back and forth between the beta and the current official version, that, on second thought, it might not even give a good example anyway.

Here is the thread from the beta reporting section of the forum where we discussed it a while back :


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Hmm I finally got around to deleting my wordlist to redo it and it still does the Lu?ssu thing and shows that as the option (I never clicked “learn spelling” on that iteration, but the grammar marks still are not showing - including apostraphies and such, not just diacritics)

Try teaching Scrivener a few words that you know don’t work, but type them in the synopsis panel instead of the editor.

Delete them from your personal word list first.

. . . . . .
You may also want to try adding them directly into the list, instead of “learn spelling”.

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Are you by chance using a non-standard GUI font that lacks these characters? Just guessing…

Emphasis on the word type as cutting and pasting a word with a “smart-apostrophe” from the editor into synopsis still won’t allow the word to be learned. The apostrophe needs to be straight.

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Ah this is good to know, though it doesn’t help the diacritics issue much

I’m using standard Calibri, and have been for years

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I use Calibri 11pt in my editor.
I had a problem in the early 3.1.5 public beta phase with diacritic characters. But that’s when the wordlist was an .ini file using the ASCII character set, transforming to a UTF-8 encoding.
All my diacritics letters corrupted creating long strings. I manually went into wordlist.ini and deleted all corrupted words. They were mainly names so there weren’t that many.
Once cleaned, such words saved without hassle.
But with Scrivener for Windows 3.1.5 standard release, the .ini file became a .txt file, with the old (and in my case fixed) file still available.
It may be of value to create a backup file using copy and paste in File Explorer which should create something like wordlist-copy.txt. Then use Notepad to edit the non copy version, clean out all the mess and add back words again through Scrivener—hopefully not many.
Added words are under a [General] label in random order and ignored words under an [Ignore] label in the .txt file.

Hmm, deleting and re-adding doesn’t seem to have fixed it…, thanks though

It does all look correct in the wordlist though, diacritics and apostrophes and everything, it’s just in the actual “spelling suggestions” part in scrivner itself

I tried typing them into the list, or copy/pasting diacritic marks from 3rd party sources when needed, and it only half sorta not really worked for the diacritics
…but where is the synopsis panel? Is that different from Word List? (I have a lot of diacritics so it’s a bit of an issue)

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You need to type, though.

TYPE, not copy paste.

Pasting in the synopsis panel would preserve whatever you need out. (A waste of time, in other words…)

Yeah, which poses a problem with diacritics, unless copy-pasting from a 3rd party source into it would be different

It wouldn’t.

But… what do you mean, what is that “third party source” ?

Is this getting out of hand ? The solution should have been simple.
I write in French and can fix all and any related issues I encounter – locally.

Like Lexilogos, which lets you add diacritics to letters and put them in (It’s easier to navigate than the character map, I have a lot of conlangs so I have a lot of different diacritics I’m dealing with. the apostrophe and comma stuff seems to be fixed.)

Also I tried copy-paste from word bank and it sorta kinda worked for some words, but then when I type the word without the diacritics, the word with diacritics doesn’t come up as an option anymore (in situations where it did) which makes typing the word continuously more of a pain