Bug with <$pageGroupTitle> and <$pageGroupParentTitle> placeholders

I’ve experienced this issue with the last few release candidates, but it may have always been there.

I have a project with chapters (folders) broken into sub-chapters (folders), and the latter containing text documents. In my compile format, I have headers of Main Body pages using <$pageGroupTitle> where I expect to see the sub-chapter title, with Facing Pages using <$pageGroupParentTitle> where I expect to see the chapter title. Both chapter and sub-chapter headings use default separators (page break before).

In Section Layouts, if my sub-chapter headings are set to appear on the first line of the page, then the above works fine… sub-chapter header on main, chapter header on facing. However, if I use “Pad top of page with x blank lines”, use a Prefix of blank lines, or in any way insert blanks lines before the my heading section layout, then <$pageGroupParentTitle> gives a header of “Manuscript”, and <$pageGroupTitle> gives the chapter heading instead of the sub-chapter heading. It’s like as if it now doesn’t recognise the preceding page break when assigning the placeholder content. To put it simply, if I use a prefix of 5 carriage returns, I get incorrect headers. If for example, I use a prefix of “#” followed by 4 carriage returns, the headers are correct.

I’d very much like my sub-chapter headers to have space above them, please can this be corrected.

Could you please upload a small demo project with few example documents demonstrating the bug. It will help us reproduce and fix the problem faster.

Ok thanks, I’ll try. I did reproduce this previously creating a new project and using default compile formats.

I’ve attached my example project. I’m compiling using the “Paperback (6” x 9") Copy" Project Format. The chapter headings are assigned to the Chapter Heading layout, the sub-chapters to the Heading layout. The PDF output files included in the zip differ only by changing the “Pad top of page with x blank lines” setting in the New Pages tab of Section Layouts.
[attachment=1]Heading Layout.jpg[/attachment]
I’ve defined headers in Page Settings so that the Main Body should show the sub-chapter heading, and Facing Pages shout show chapter headings. With the padding setting above set to zero, it works fine. When set to anything other than zero, the placeholders skip a level. The same happens when using carriage returns in the Prefix tab instead, or in Title Options, or anything else that puts blank lines before the Section Title for the Heading Layout.

Thanks Stocko! We managed to reproduce the bug and the fix will be available in the next update.

Awesome! Thank you for the great job you do

Solved in RC21. Thank you!

Regarding the above placeholders, section 24.16.5 of the manual has the following…

I cannot get any prefixes or suffixes to appear when using these placeholders in headers. Is this a further bug, or am I missing something? Thanks.