'" bug

In Korean alphabet, combination of consonents and vowel is broken just next to 2nd ’ or ".

For example, I want to write ['먹어.'라고] but Scrivener types ['먹어.'ㄹㅏ고].

Is this problem impacted by the quote settings perhaps? Scrivener tries to use “smart quotes”, and by default English conventions. If you go into Settings.app, into the Scrivener section, “Spelling & Substitutions”, then “Smart Punctuation” and change those to maybe straight quotes, does that work better? That should in theory make Scrivener act more like other iOS apps.

Thanks, AmberV.

At first line ’ and " of setting, it does not happen.

But I hope I can use 45 degree ’ and " with Korean alphabet in the next update.

Thanks, I have all of that tested out now and we’ll look into it.

@supernova, 배추김치 indeed good for colds :slight_smile:

Thanks for reminder of Korean winters…much warmth of heart