Buglet? and suggestion[BUG LOGGED]

On a win7 laptop. I created a list of questions with blank lines between. I then went up thru the list with the up arrow key, and noticed that that action was also changing the font listed in the tool bar font selector… whilst the cursor was moving up it was also listing the next font. It was not actually changing the font in the document, just what showed in the font window. [No biggie for me.] It does not do that with my single spaced documents.

A suggestion: Scrivener does not give me a choice of where I want to put a downloaded file… that choice would be nice in the future [I usually download to the desktop.]

No problems with the new update… the dictionary/speller seems to be working perfectly so far.

Am really really pleased with Scrivener, much thanks to all the team.


Thanks for the feedback Rob. What do you mean by a downloaded file?


When I downloaded the update file, it automatically put it in the windows download folder without asking where I want it.

ahhh… my bad. I just started using Chrome last week, and didn’t realize it doesn’t give me that option… not Scrivener’s fault.


Update. Ok, a bit more on that buglet. Using the down arrow to start the answers to the questions I mentioned above does change the font for the new line. Using the return key from the end of the question line maintains the original font.

Can send document or image if desired…