Bugs found in the tutorial[NOTED]

I went through the full tutorial provided by Scrivener for Windows and found a few bugs I did not see on your bug summary page. I’m using Scrivener beta 1.3 on Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit.

PS Nice job on this software. I can definitely see how Scrivener will help me write my novel.

Part 1

When I mouse down on any binder item to drag it, the current view automatically changes to that binder item. It seems like I should be able to drag it without changing the current document.

3: Footer View -
Tutorial describes what appears to be a zoom button but I don’t see it.

5d: References –
I can’t find any way to drag a URL as a reference [Already logged as a bug]

Part 2
8: I don’t see a button in the header to do a split
8: CTRL+SHIFT+’ just prints a ‘ character

Part 4
16: Split and Merge
I can’t find the merge option under Documents. I have several documents selected. [Already logged as a bug]

Thanks Leo. I will update the future tutorial accordingly.