Bugs & Issues I recognized under my netbook


I use scrivener on my netbook (Acer Aspire One) with ubuntu 12.04 LTS and I recognized some issues which I wanted to complain about, erm I mean get recognized.

-Dictionary download doesn’t work:
Multiple error messages finished by a failure message prevent me from downloading the german dictionary for spellchecking
These were the messages:

Could not open de_CH-only.rws for writing: de_CH-only.rws
Could not open de_DE-only.rws for writing: de_DE-only.rws
Could not open de_CH.multi for writing: de_CH.multi
Could not open de-only.rws for writing: de-only.rws
Could not open de_DE.multi for writing: de_DE.multi
Could not open de.multi for writing: de.multi

Dictionary download failed.

-Small warnings and error windows are too small:
The error messages are not readable as the pop-up windows are scaled too small in comparison to the whole screen and there is no way to adjust them.
see screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/6FjvM3P.png

-All additional pop-up windows are too large in height:
the bottom buttons are cut off, you can push the window further up but you can’t adjust the total height which should be possible
see screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/G1zCjMP.png

-compile has some bugs it seems:
compiling as rtf/doc type file creates a negative margin on the right side, which is only present of the very first page though
could certainly be because of some missed setting, though I doubt it

-opening the manual via the new option crashes KNetAttach:
see screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/IFIHIH7.png

-Character map window doesn’t open

-splitting the window horizontally disturbs fullview, works only in windowed view:
see screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/xM3z5xS.png
as windowed it works, though the bottom is still cut off and window height can’t be decreased further: http://i.imgur.com/rf6G3nF.png

-Bibliography/Citations doesn’t open

-Scratchpad window is in fixed position and overlaying everything else:
see screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/q7CGVdH.png

I really like the program, but it seems to still need a lot of polish to work properly on linux (and netbooks). If this is the wrong place for bugreports pls move the thread to the appropriate section.


I’ll add mine to this thread.

(using this on an Acer Aspire one 725 running Ubuntu 12.04)

Also noted the problem with small error windows.

Then some interaction problems: I had been editng a literary text and duplicated a chapter. I added the duplicate to compilation and removed the original version.

That(?) resulted in a broken compilation to .odt. The file did not open in LibreOffice, telling about error in line [number]. Of course as it did not open the file at all, I could not see where the exact spot was, but I suppose it was at the point where the duplicated chapter was.

I was able to compile as .doc and open that, though, but something weird had happened. The chapter heading of that duplicated chapter has lost its formatting and there is something that prevents me from setting widow and orphan control for the document as a whole.

And a glitch or lack of a feature: It is not possible to import a file from the commonest word processor formats (.odt and .doc(x)). Only .rtf and .txt are available for that type (and then types like html and pdf which are irrelevant). I have seen enough broken .rtf to not trust it. Usually the characters with diacritics are messed up (normally in non-reversible way, e.g. replaced with blanks…).

I continue this to note that the problem with split chapter files continues: importing a project with split files results in a broken .odt file that Libre Office refuses to open.

Hmmm. Now I made some more tests: I had two split chapters, and I switched first one, then the second one to the “old” version, then I removed the split ones from compilation. No help, the odt didn’t open, givin an error message:

Translation: Reading Error: at the spot 1165,69 (line, column) of the subdocument content.xml of the file a formatting error was detected.

(that probably isn’t the exact format of the Error message in the English version)

The same error, with the line number varying (getting a bit smaller every time, BTW, I was every time either removing a chapter from compilation or replacing a lerge one with smaller).

The workaround functioned this time, too, I was able to compile as .doc and open it in LO. This time the first of the split chapters (the one I complained last time) had its heading formatted, but the latter one not.

And again a bunch of things I did not tell in my message or used a wrong term:

First: I meant duplicated chapter, not split (splitting to start new section works without problems).

Version: beta (32 bit) - 21 July 2014

On Ubuntu linux (unity desktop, MyUnity used) 12.04. Hardware Acer Aspire one 725 with an AMD processor.