Bugs! No Insert Date, No Special Character window, No create character style

My version says it’s up to date but certain features I used to have are no longer working:

  1. The shortcut to insert the date/time doesn’t work, there is no other option
  2. There is no longer any option to open up the special character font window
  3. There is no option to create a new character style

Does anyone have a solution for any of these. They are show-stoppers.

Thanks in Advance,

You need to tell people:

  • what version of Scrivener you have installed;
  • what version of Windows you are using;
  • and what antivirus software you have, in case that’s interfering;
  • and generally anything else you think might help.

I’m a Mac-user, so Ill leave it to my Windows-using fellow-Scriveners, but my first bet is you’ve got v. 1.9.x installed.


Thanks for replying.
I’m using Windows 10
Scrivener version: (2073405) 64-bit - 06 Jul 2023 – it doesn’t update any further.
I’m using the Windows anti-virus package that has been fine so far.
These functions all worked before this upgrade.