BUGS: Paragraph Style "Redefine from selection" changes previously styled text to wrong style

This seems to be the same as a few other posts, but they are all in the Windows Beta/archive forum with no solutions.

I noticed some of my paragraph styles had gone wonky. Not sure why, but I’m playing with a publisher’s style sheet/template.

  • I added a new doc next to the the one that went wonky so I could see them both in a Scrivenening.
  • I copied the text directly from the style sheet (from Libre) and pasted it into the new doc (Ctrl C, Ctrl-V)
  • I selected the newly pasted text with the correct paragraph and font style/size formatting. chose “redefine Style from Selection” from the right click menu. Chose my paragraph style that had gone wonky.
  • I checked all the boxes for character font and size and applied a highlight so I could more easily tell if it changed again.
  • I got the normal message when I saved something like “this will be applied to all text formatted with this style and can’t be undone.” OK
  • The text I redefined from stays the same, but all the other text changes to something entirely different that it was, or what the ‘newly defined style’ is.
    I’ve done this several times. It sometimes changes to No-Style and weird fonts, and at least once it changed to another style, with the correct font.

Here are two screenshots.
This shows how the font changed in the newly “updated” text the first time I noticed this.
The Pink braces mark the correct “define from style”. The yellow marks the incorrectly “updated” existing text (kept the highlight, changed the font.)

The next shows the Scrivening (read from the bottom of the image and up)

  1. an untouched paste from the original style sheet.
  2. the “refine from selection” with it’s added highlight
    3… the incorrectly “updated” text - no highlight, wrong font size, no style