Building a "directory" project


I have been using Scrivener for years. I use projects to organize new material, thoughts, drafts. My main point is, to structure knowledge in a sort of hierarchical database.

But in the last years the mountain of projects has grown and I have found no way to add some meta information. So I have to use the file directory and skim through the old projects, only to find that I already started this topic years ago.

My question: Is there a way to build a “meta” project with tags containing all my other projects. So that it is easier to find my material?

I know that this is a lot of work, but once done I will never try to gather the same infos twice :wink: And if there is a way to include file directories, things would be easier.
Hints are welcome.


In the “meta” project, you could add links to your projects within a document by using Edit > Add Link and choosing “File”, where you’ll be able to put the project’s file directory. You’d just have to make sure you don’t move the projects around on your hard drive or rename them, or else the link will break.

If you don’t want to have the link inside a document, you could add it is as a Project Bookmark or Document Bookmark instead by right-clicking in the bookmarks area of the Inspector and choosing the “Add External File Bookmark…” option.

Is that sort of what you’re looking for?

While you cannot import one project into another as a project (down that way lies madness), you can establish a rich layer of connectivity between multiple projects.

So if linking to whole projects isn’t specific enough, that could be an approach for you.

for pointing out the possibilities. I will try the different ways and find the solution which works best for me on a small display.



After some playing around, I opted for the project bookmarks, which is new to me. So I started reading the fine manual.

Now I was also looking for a way to convert Emacs org files to Scrivener … But that’s another story.

Anyway thanks for the hint and sometimes it pays to reread the manual.


It can be a bit messy, depending on how much org-mode you use, but Pandoc can convert from .org to Markdown (use markdown_strict to avoid a lot of clutter), and then you can import that into Scrivener with the File ▸ Import ▸ Import and Split... command, to break up the headings into a hierarchical outline.

Thanks AmberV,

I have been using Emacs org since … But in the last years Emacs became a side line and I have to look up certain commands.

Thanks for digging up Pandoc , the Way to go.