Bulk-change acronyms from all caps to small caps


Finishing a draft of my thesis, which has lots of abbreviated organisation names in it – UNESCO, NATO etc. Is there a way to bulk-change all these acronyms (i.e., all words that have two or more letters and are currently all caps) to small caps?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.

This is a task I save for the polishing phase, after compiling. So with that approach, which method to use really depends on the system you are using for that. For myself, I use LaTeX, so it’s pretty easy to set up a whitelist of words and run a search and replace to put the {\scshape … } code around each one. I could even do that with Scrivener’s Replacement pane in the compiler (but I prefer scripting for this, rather than maintaining a huge list in Scrivener). For a word processor based workflow, I believe most do allow for some form of search and replace that implements formatting as part of the replacement. Some may even have tools for handling this automatically with a similar whitelist type approach. I can’t offer much specific advice into GUI publishing tools.