bulk drag within collections reverses doc order?

When I highlight several adjacent documents in a collection, an drag them to a new place in the same collection, their order gets inverted. Is this intended? I did not find any possibility to tweak with this in the prefs, nor any thread in the forums on this behaviour.
For me, having to reorder the documents after any “bulk drag” slows down the workflow considerably.
Any ideas?

PS as far as I can see, this happens only when the block of documents is dragged downward. Dragging upward does not change the doc order. The problem does not occur in the binder.

Nope, this looks like a bug - I’ve added it to the list for fixing. Typical that 2.2 is being released today, and after weeks of no bug reports, I get two today, just when it’s too late to roll them into 2.2. :slight_smile: I’ll fix this for 2.2.1 though.

Thanks and all the best,

Oh, sorry …
Should have bothered you with this some days later at least. :wink:
Congrats for releasing the new full version!
I’ll stay tuned in for the betas.

I’d like to add an observation concerning working in collections. Unlike the binder, collections do not “hold” their scrolling state when switching away from them.
In my project, I have three collections, each with much more documents then the collection window can hold. I am switching constantly between these collections and the binder. When switching back to the binder, everything is fine: I see the files on which I was working before. Switching back to a collection means having to scroll down and locate the needed files, before being able to work with them. With three collections constantly and simultaneously being edited, this can become quite a headache.
So, here the same question as with the effect mentioned earlier: is this an intended behaviour? If not - could this be put on “the list” as well?

I’ll look at it, but I can’t promise anything because of the dynamic way in which collections are loaded.

Ok I see the point. If it’s feasible - would be great.

just a faint question from the off: I am still struggling with the “reversed order” problem regularly. will there be a beta before 2.2.1 will be out? as soon as it’s there, I’ll download it …
no hurry. it’s the end of the year. best wishes, besides!

There’s already a beta available that fixes this issue:


Thanks for bringing it to my attention in the first place.

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