Bullet list malfunctions

Several days ago I made a bullet list with three levels of hierarchy. Today tried to promote a level three element to level two by placing the cursor to the left of the element and hitting shift-tab. This resulted in the element moving a half step to the left, occupying a space in between level two and level three.

That was the first malfunction. Then I hit undo and unpredictable things happened. Bullets would change to appearances that weren’t appropriate for the hierarchy level they occupied, elements would move to occupy levels they never occupied before.

Lists have been a problem in Scrivener for a long time (examples here and here). My suggestion is to avoid them unless you have a very simple list, such as one level.


I hope L&L fix this, because this is a major feature made out of bounds on Windows. :pensive:

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I came here intending to ask about fixing bullet points in Scrivener, but I see it’s an ongoing issue. So let me simply add my request that it be fixed as soon as possible. Not being able to create a stable, bulleted outline for what I am writing within Scrivener itself (and being forced to use Word), is incredibly frustrating, and honestly, pretty disappointing. Yes, I’m greedy, but I would like Scrivener to be my one-stop writing program if at all possible.