Bullet lists will not work, greyed out

Hi all!
I’m on Scrivener 3.1.5 and MacOS Big Sur 11.0.1

No matter what i do, I can’t seem to use bullet lists at all. They always appear greyed-out in every document and page. I’ve done everything from creating a blank new project, one from a template, completely removing Scrivener and reinstalling, resetting preferences and all formatting to default on a new document.
I simply cannot use bullet lists at all. It’s perplexing, since just yesterday it was working fine.

The only thing I did was open my project on my Windows machine in the Scrivener 3 Beta, let it sync after some quick writing, and when I went back to Mac bullets had become permanently disabled. Not sure how this could affect Scrivener system-wide though, and it’s especially concerning after reinstalling/restarting.

Maybe I’m missing something? What could disable bullets in Scrivener?

It’s a Big Sur compatibility issue and will be fixed in the Scrivener update due this week.

Ah great, thanks for the response!
I figured as much, but could’ve sworn it was working a short time after the update. Looking forward to the patch!

Until the update due this week you can make list by going >Format >Lists >Costum List :slight_smile:

Oh sweet! Thank you Frankie, glad to know we’re not completely devoid of lists for now.

Updated, and bullet list is no longer greyed out on Big Sur. Thanks for the fix. Have also been struggling with this!