Bullet points

Great app.

I’d really like to see the numbering and bullet point feature improved

Sometimes when you are making lists it’s handy to be able to jump straight into bullet points. For example in Word if you type “- example” and press return word will automatically add a hyphen to the next line making it easy to type a quick list.

Alt + Tab


Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately for its bullets and lists, Scrivener relies on the standard OS X text engine (it basically uses the same text engine as TextEdit, as provided by Apple), and the lists feature of said text engine is not brilliant. I hope they finally update it with Snow Leopard, as it hasn’t been improved since its introduction in Tiger…

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This might deserve a separate topic posting – and Amber and Keith can feel free to make it so – but here’s some rumor mongering about Snow Leopard’s text improvements. Note the conspicuous absence of enhanced rtf compatibility and other such features long requested by Keith and others here. But again, it’s only rumor (or rumour) and hardly comprehensive or definitive.

Assuming any of these are true, these look like text interface additions, as opposed to text engine fixes and changes. They all have to do with the way stuff is typed in or accessed or interpreted.

[size=20]And on that front, nearly the entire list is stuff that I turn off immediately whenever I have to use Word.[/size]

That was my reaction too.