Bullet+Style+Indentation Problem on Mac OS Scrivener 3

Thanks for this forum.
I just replied to a post that takes part of the Windows Section.
However, the bug I report happens on Mac OS, So I post it again here.
Thank you for your understanding

What bug? :open_mouth:

Hi Here is the question
(just got back on the forum after a long pause).

Indentations of bullet listes is a very useful function that I often use.

It is very easy to do on Mac OS Scrivener,
however, I didn’t find the way to do it on my iPad’s app.

Any advice?

Many thanks.

yes, post it in the iOS part of the forum.

Isn’t it the iOS Part?
I see this un the top of the page:
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The iOS text editor that Apple provides lacks a proper listing mechanism. What you see there is a very simple system we had to put together from scratch to create basic lists. Complex lists, which includes indenting, aren’t supported on that platform.

Considering using Markdown if you can, even in software like Scrivener. It tends to not require anything by way of features in order to provide fairly complex formatting. And Scrivener supports creating Word and OpenOffice documents from Markdown projects when you compile, or even convert them into RTF as you compile, giving you access to all of its output types. So it’s really more just a different way of typing, for most things.

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Thank you for the response.

I guess that now the post is in the right part of the forum.

As I do not know to use markdown, I guess that I will have to do the indented listes rather on the Mac OS Scrivener app.`

Is there any way that you consider adding that possibility to the iOS’s scrivener?


Sure, most people probably only encounter it here and there in web forms. Markdown is incredibly easy to learn though, especially if you only need a few things here and there which aren’t “normal text”. A list just looks like this:

[code]- The first line

  • The second line
    • And indented lists are possible, anywhere keyboards exist.

    • Another entry.

      We can even add a second paragraph to that entry.

  • Back to the top.[/code]

Most of the rest of it just as intuitive as that.

What you see is what we added. :slight_smile: For more discussion on the matter, refer to this older thread, and of course the knowledge base article on the matter.

Really the best people to lobby (even though it is a brick wall, I do realise) are Apple. They are the ones that have this code sitting around intact, already coded, but it’s not made available to developers on iOS.