Bullet+Style+Indentation Problem on Mac OS Scrivener 3

Sure, most people probably only encounter it here and there in web forms. Markdown is incredibly easy to learn though, especially if you only need a few things here and there which aren’t “normal text”. A list just looks like this:

[code]- The first line

  • The second line
    • And indented lists are possible, anywhere keyboards exist.

    • Another entry.

      We can even add a second paragraph to that entry.

  • Back to the top.[/code]

Most of the rest of it just as intuitive as that.

What you see is what we added. :slight_smile: For more discussion on the matter, refer to this older thread, and of course the knowledge base article on the matter.

Really the best people to lobby (even though it is a brick wall, I do realise) are Apple. They are the ones that have this code sitting around intact, already coded, but it’s not made available to developers on iOS.