Bullets in iOS

I find using bullets in Scrivener on my Mac relatively straightforward, but I cannot understand how to get consistent bullets in Scrivener iOS. There are apparently two formatting options - under the paint brush icon - selecting the “bullet” option or selecting “bulleted list”. Firstly it is not clear to me why there are two options for such a simple formatting requirement. Sometimes I have to select both in order to get a new bullet point, sometimes whatever I do the new bulleted point is out of alignment with the previous bullet point and other times pressing return at the end of a bulleted item gives me no bullet at all. In most apps the default result in the latter situation is a new bullet point of the same type.

I would be grateful if someone could explain to me the logic of bullet points on Scrivener iOS, it is a bit of a mystery to me !


I don’t know what the “bullet” option is, perhaps it is from a formatting preset you added to the app? I can’t speak to that. As for what is built-in, the “Bulleted List” option at the very bottom is what you want (you can also add it as a button by tapping and holding on any of the auxiliary buttons and choosing it from the formatting tab.

Bullets in general are extremely basic on iOS—the platform itself does not support them, so what you see here is our providing the capability on top of the text editor.