Bullets too large

This is a small but maddening issue: if I create a bulleted list with Scrivener, it uses gigantic bullets. I see that there is an option to change the type of bullet, but all I see are solid circles, hollow circles, and solid boxes (and numbers and letters). Is there a way to change the bullets used within Scrivener?

Using a character map, it looks as though Scrivener uses a U+2219 bullet. (For some reason, if I copy and paste it here, it makes a tiny one, but within the character map software and in Scrivener, it’s much larger.)

What I want to use is a U+2022 bullet (Alt+0149 keystroke): •

(Please don’t suggest that I simply use the Alt+0149 keystroke. The whole point is for me to be able to use the bulleted list option without getting gigantic bullets.)

I am using Scrivener for Windows Version: on a Windows 10 laptop.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!