Bump Up Text Size in Inspector Panels?

I’m brand new to Scrivener, so please forgive me if I’ve missed this elsewhere or in the tutorial, but I wondered if it’s possible to resize the text (perhaps with a zoom feature) in the Inspector. Scrivener is fabulous at allowing a variety of ways to see text in both the binder, writing area, and in full-screen view. For middle-aged eyes, that’s a godsend. But I haven’t figured out how to make text appear even just a little larger in the inspector, which on my iMac 20-inch screen is therefore very tiny and hard to read. I think I could make use of the Inspector in a lot of ways, but as it stands the small type will give me eye strain in very short order.


See Scrivener > Preferences > Fonts & Colors
Change the Default Notes Font to the font and size you prefer.
You might also check System Preferences: Displays on your iMac.
If it’s set to a very high resolution, some fonts will appear to be quite tiny.

Exactly as Druid says. :slight_smile: The main text allows you to zoom in and out because you may want to print or export it as it is, in a 12-point or whatever font, but zoom in for viewing on screen. But with the inspector, being intended for rough notes that won’t make the final draft, you can just change the fonts to whatever you want via the Preferences. (And, also as Druid says, you can also use the System Preferences to make the system fonts bigger - a lot of the smaller fonts in Scrivener, such as on buttons or in text fields and so forth, use the small system font, so changing the system settings can make them bigger.)

All the best,

Thanks, and see? It was indeed something I’d managed to overlook. But now that you’ve straightened me out on this I’ve happily set my notes pref for Optima 16. (It takes a while to realize that a prefs change is on a go-forward basis, but that’s all right; I’ll get there.)

And Keith, thanks for putting in some seemingly cosmetic user options. In addition to changing the font size for my notes, I’ve made the background a pale green, which helps me visually as well.

(I hate changing the native screen resolution of my iMac, which is 1680 by 1050. As you probably know, the minute you do that, everything else on Mac is impacted, and generally not in a desirable way. I typically avoid screen resolution changes like the plague, unless I’m forced to boot Parallels to work in Windows.)

Anyway, thanks.