Business card scanning

My brother just gave me his ScanSnap S510M - incredibly fast and smooth, but it doesn’t read business cards, and my wife has a ton of them from clients, etc.

Anybody know of business card scanning software that works with this scanner?



Check out NeatWorks for Mac. It does a good job with biz cards and receipts and links directly into Address Book.

Neatco looks neat but they don’t sell in Europe and have no plans to according to their support. You could order from the US but their software does not read UK format dates (dd/mm/yy)

Does anyone know of UK software that would read and store receipts that you can use with a small feed scanner rather than flatbed?



Here are five apps for managing your receipts…

smart receipts app
free receipt scanner app
receipt software for small business
evernote receipts
foreceipt receipt manager

Large format scanning services

I know several…

World Card Mobile.
Works amazingly well! But you need autofocus AFAIK.

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