BusySync is today's MacZOT

I thought I should let fellow Scriveners know that BusySync is today’s MacZOT. I’d also like to pass along a recommendation for this great bit of software.

I use BusySync to keep my iCal calendars synced with my google calendars. It’s by far the easiest and most reliable way to do this (I have tried every piece of software that does it as well as a couple methods not reliant on external software) and I consider it invaluable. It’s easy to set up, and then you can just forget about it forever. In my experience, it will quietly and dependably do what it is supposed to without you ever having to fiddle with it. I hope Apple one day makes a deal with the developers to get this feature built right into iCal.

It does various other things which I don’t use and can’t speak to.

It’s $15 for the ZOT price and I believe it runs out tomorrow.

Second Plette’s motion. My writing partner and I use BusySnyc to sync our calendars and task lists. Should warn you that the price is per station, so you need to double that $15 to create software for your network. We paid $25 each, for a total of $50, so $30 is indeed a good deal. The result is amazing; enter an event or task, and it shows up on your partner’s calendar, almost instantly.